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Support for NHSX’s ‘What good looks like’ framework

We are delighted to announce that iCOPS® has developed unique tools and frameworks to support the delivery of NHSX’s ‘What good looks like’ digital transformation aims.

National CIO Sonia Patel recently set out NHSX’s new ‘What Good Looks Like’ framework for digital transformation of the NHS.

NHSX are equipping local leaders to continue to drive transformation in their own organisations by providing clear guidance for health and care leaders to digitise, connect and transform services safely and securely.

NHSX claim that digital maturity of organisations across the country remains varied and want to support local health and care organisations to digitally transform so that no patient or member of healthcare staff is left behind, and digital progress continues.

NHSX is already undertaking exciting work with NHS Providers and Health Education England to support organisational leadership of digital, with regards to readiness.

NHSX have pledged to provide resources to equip staff to deliver their digital transformation journey. This will include an assessment framework for organisations to measure their level of digital maturity. It will help identify gaps and prioritise areas for local improvement. Assessments will be repeatable so progress can be tracked year-on-year.

The What Good Looks Like framework has seven success measures which are applicable to all care settings:

  1. Well-led boards owning and driving the digital transformation journey

  2. Smart foundations including digital, data and infrastructure operating environments being reliable, modern, secure, sustainable and resilient

  3. Safe practice e.g. standards for safe care and routinely review digital and data systems to ensure they are safe, robust, secure, sustainable and resilient

  4. Supported people: e.g. digitally literate workforce

  5. Empower citizens e.g. citizens who are at the centre of service design

  6. Improve care e.g. professionals using digital and data to improve health and care outcomes

  7. Healthy populations e.g. development and adoption of new ICS-led, population-based, digitally-driven models of care

We agree entirely with the rationale for putting in this new ‘What good looks like’ framework, as well as the support offered by NHSX to organisations to take this agenda forward.

For us at iCOPS®, the ‘What good looks like’ agenda is both welcomed and timely, especially as we have recently developed a unique software tool and outcome-based frameworks to support the aims of NHSX in relation to this piece of work.

Our work helps to establish the readiness of organisations for adopting digital, undertake a snapshot of where they are on their journey (maturity) and help to drive continuous system improvements. Our work allows people to collaborate within organisations so that a 360° perspective of services can be determined.

With our unique tools and frameworks, we can also have oversight of all areas, so that we can gather an aggregate picture of what is happening across the patch. This can inform central teams to see common barriers, and what is working well.

We can also share good practice across organisations, which helps to create a community building approach to accelerate the digital agenda.

We will be working with (expert) delivery partners to help with this piece of work – watch this space!!

If you are an ICS, local authority or Hospital Trust for example, and you would like supported in your ‘What good looks like’ piece, please get in touch.

Have a look at our new iCOPS® website, and see a demo of our amazing assessment and continuous improvement software.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch: | 07511667330

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