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iCOPS® allows a professional judgement to be applied, backed by evidence, to provide a real and up to date assessment on all aspects of the service. This is an effective method for reviewing the service; it can also be used to replace or support mock assessments or inspections.


Gathering evidence of compliance for the various regulators and standards bodies, as well as trying to manage and improve services, is a job in itself. iCOPS® tracks performance to give an indication of the relevant rating (e.g. good, outstanding), in line with various standards. It pushes services towards the delivery of an outstanding service, whilst reducing the time, cost and effort of managing compliance.

As all the relevant evidence to support compliance is located in one place within iCOPS®, reports can be viewed by assessors or inspectors, thus making the whole process much easier.

Quality, safety, performance & continuous improvement

iCOPS® enables a finger to be kept on all issues related to quality, safety and performance, so that all aspects of the service can be proactively managed and constantly improved.

Being able to report on and demonstrate continuous improvements is an attractive feature to those who are serious about delivering a quality service.

Action planning

As the iCOPS® tool is worked through, real-time action plans will automatically be generated for everyone to work to.

Collaboration and 360° feedback

Even if we think we are performing well, it is always good to get a different perspective, or two. That’s where the unique iCOPS® collaboration function is useful. This can also act as a 360° feedback tool. Collaboration and feedback can come from colleagues, or from external sources such as service users and suppliers, or other interested stakeholders. This feedback is rich information in supporting organisations in improving individual and organizational performance, to strengthen alliances and learn from other people and to use as evidence for assessments and inspections.

Other features and benefits…

Rather than the box ticking and endless stats often produced by performance management systems, iCOPS® allows you to contextualise your performance and explain it.

The reports generated by iCOPS® supplement the risk based approach undertaken by Care Quality Commission. Provider reports can be reviewed remotely by CQC, together with all the supporting evidence, which allows the regulator to determine what action, frequency and resource is needed with regards to inspections.

Because iCOPS® covers all parts of a service, you can use it as a framework to support you when reviewing services or undertaking mock inspections.

The iCOPS® reports can supplement the Provider Information Return (PIR) pre-inspection questionnaire and can help CQC to plan inspections and allow them to identify what areas need to be focussed on. This will ultimately help streamline CQC’s inspections and improve overall efficiencies.

iCOPS® has the ability to link to other relevant material, and includes web links. You may want to include a copy of your latest policy or procedure, or you may want to link to key performance information on your intranet or in-house IT system; iCOPS® can fully support this.

People need the right information to make effective decisions about services. The reports generated by iCOPS® set out all issues and aspects in one place, so that timely and effective decisions can be made.

If you have more than one contract, unit or location (e.g. GP surgeries or a chain of care homes) you can view and manage all of these using the iCOPS® overlay function. Each location or contract will require its own iCOPS® product, and the overlay function allows a central management team to overview all of these simultaneously. This is an excellent feature for sharing good work and for community building.