Businessman and ComputeriCOPS® is a web-based software tool which can be accessed from a PC, tablet or other device. It can be used to evaluate and improve overall performance, demonstrate compliance against various standards, identify what needs done, who is going to do it and monitor progress.

Documents and other relevant information can be stored as attachments. Reports and action plans are automated at the touch of a button. Reports are comprehensive and can be shared with senior management, regulators and assessors.



iCOPS® is flexible and multi-functional and can be used in the following areas:

  • Care Quality Commission regulated services (England)

  • Health & Social Care Disability Equipment Services

  • Wheelchair & Seating Services

  • Technology enabled care services (e.g. telecare, telehealth)

  • Nursing and therapy services

  • Commissioning activities

  • Independent Practitioners (e.g. Occupational Therapists)

  • Suppliers and Retailers

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    Review Criteria and Outcomes

    All iCOPS® products come preloaded with outcomes and relevant review criteria against which services can assess themselves. iCOPS® helps organisations work towards regulatory and standard requirements.

    Providing evidence to support your evaluation

    Once performance has been evaluated against the criteria, evidence can be provided. This may be a simple text statement, or attached documents or reports, or a link to another website or information source.

    Analysing where you are

    Once self-evaluations have been made, helping or hindering factors are identified and worked through. This is important for driving continuous improvements and for making services sustainable.

    Action planning

    This is the what, who and when part of the process, where specific actions are recorded, and where progress is monitored.


    Full reports for every subject heading, or for specific subject areas, can be produced. An executive summary is also automatically produced. Reports can be used to review and demonstrate performance, provide evidence of continuous improvements and to satisfy regulators, for example. Reports can be emailed and shared when required.

    The iCOPS® Processes

    The main processes supporting iCOPS® are illustrated in the following diagram: