iCOPS® is a unique and powerful tool for enabling health and care organisations to self-evaluate their services, as well as support their compliance with relevant standards and regulatory requirements (e.g. Care Quality Commission and CECOPS).

iCOPS® can manage all aspects of quality, safety and performance, as well as store and provide evidence. iCOPS® facilitates continuous improvements, is easy to use, comprehensive, effective and affordable. iCOPS® comes pre-loaded with all relevant criteria and is ready to switch on and go!


iCOPS® for Care Quality Commission Fundamental Standards (England)

We have a range of iCOPS® products available for supporting compliance with Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) Fundamental Standards; there are specific products for all health and care organisations regulated by CQC.


iCOPS® allows organisations to assess and track overall performance to give an indication of their CQC rating, work toward the delivery of, or maintain, an outstanding service, whilst reducing the time, cost and effort of managing compliance.

Each iCOPS® product also helps organisations to assess and rate where they think they are with regards to the five key questions asked by CQC i.e. are services safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led. There are characteristics for each rating included to support the relevant key lines of enquiry (KLOES).

iCOPS® also offers a unique collaboration function to allow for 360° feedback evaluation. This can assist with, or replace the need for, mock inspections, and can also be used for service-user input.

Evidence required for CQC inspections can be stored within iCOPS®. The reports generated are comprehensive, and include an executive summary, supplemented with further detail, setting out what needs done, who is going to do it and when. Reports can support Provider Information Returns (PIR). There can be no easier way of managing CQC compliance and improving services.

iCOPS® for CECOPS Standards (UK) & Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS)

These iCOPS® products are designed for disability equipment, wheelchair and seating services (based on CECOPS Standards), as well as other assistive technology related services (e.g. TECS). There are separate products for commissioning, service provision and clinical responsibilities.


iCOPS® to support CECOPS Standards for disability equipment, wheelchair & seating services.

These can be used to self-evaluate and manage performance, and support CECOPS accreditations. The iCOPS® range covers every aspect of quality, safety and performance.

iCOPS® enables organisations to report against outcomes, and to evidence continuous improvements. It helps to identify and deal with factors hindering overall performance, and to strengthen and build on helping factors to ensure the service is constantly improving and sustainable.


“…this is the missing jigsaw piece required for improving outcomes for organisations and service users”
Sir Bert Massie CBE, DL


iCOPS® for technology enabled care services (TECS) e.g. telecare, telehealth, tele-medicine, e-health.

The iCOPS® product for planning TECS can help to decide whether it is worth investing in TECS, assess readiness and overcome the many barriers to adopting more widely (e.g. insufficient strategic planning, weak benefits realisation plans and business case development). The iCOPS process can take you from a blank piece of paper to successfully implementing TECS.

There is also an iCOPS® product for TECS service provision, which allows all aspects of quality, safety and performance to be monitored and managed, also allowing the service impact to be measured and evaluated. It will also support organisations to comply with the various TECS related standards.

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